Get Your VW Beetle's Birthdate!

Beetles and Supers Beetles only. Supers may have unexpected results as VW didn't keep their monthly records as well as on standards.

Caveats:The algorithym developed for this page does the best that I have taught it to find the approximate birthday of your german-manufactured VW Beetle (yes Type-1 and Supers only for now!) We have compared the results from this against actual Volkswagen-provided birth certificates and found most results to be exact or really close with only a day or two of deviation. But do not expect all results to be absolutely accurate! Earlier Beetle VINs seem to have better accuracy. If you have your birth certificate we'd like to fine tune this algorithym, please hit the contact page and share your information. Currently this is for entertainment purposes only! For the only accurate method of VW birthday indentification, order a birth certificate from VW!